About the Crane Regional Defense Group

NSA Crane and Lake Glendora Test Facility play a vital role in equipping our men and women in uniform and serve as an important economic driver for our region. The communities that neighbor Crane have a responsibility to ensure that we create the best environment for Crane to continue its important work.

The Crane Regional Defense Group, a subcommittee of the White River Military Coordination Alliance, was established in 2020 as a grassroots effort to expand community support and advocate for Crane at the local and federal level.

Our mission is to preserve the strategic value of Crane by supporting local outreach and legislative initiatives that protect military installations in the region and state, and leverage the installation’s potential to bring economic growth to Southern Indiana. 

The Crane Regional Defense Group is a citizen-led committee established through partnerships between chambers of commerce, county councils, financial institutions and local business leaders, and championed by the Southern Indiana Business Alliance (SIBA). Utilizing SIBA allows expanded community support  for Crane beyond  those who currently serve as members of the Alliance. Institutions represented on the committee were nominated by the Alliance’s stakeholder committee and confirmed by the full Alliance.

Crane Regional Defense Group Members
Bedford Chamber of Commerce
Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
Crane Credit Union
First Savings Bank Odon
Jasper Chamber of Commerce
Radius Indiana