This Report and Action Plan, set out in Sections 5.0 and 6.0, includes several key findings, deliverables, and recommendations, each of which is described and put into context in the Report. In summary, the primary areas included are:

1. Revised State Legislation, including multiple statutes (Appendix 2 and Appendix 3 (in comparison));
2. Revised State Legislation Summary handout (Appendix 4);
3. Mapping of the State Areas of Interest for each installation (see Section 5.0);
4. Implementation of renter and purchaser property disclosures regarding potential military impacts (Appendix 7 and Appendix 9);
5. The addition of military installation boundaries and State Areas of Interest to the State of Indiana geographic information system
IndianaMap (see Section 5.0);
6. Monitoring by the installations of the State Building Commissioner Office online database for awareness of design release permits within SAIs that may not be captured through local zoning and planning
processes (see Section 5.0);
7. Consideration of providing training and support to local governments implementing new statutory provisions (see Section 5.0);
8. Consideration of extending statewide legislation and compatibility programming to include all military and national guard facilities in the state (see Section 5.0); and
9. Following a period of initial start-up and programming, consideration of state legislation or other state-level agency support to the Southern Indiana Sentinel Landscape (see Section 5.0).

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