About NSA Crane

NSA Crane is a U.S. Navy installation that provides one of the largest sources of employment in Southern Indiana, with more than 6,000 jobs ranging from scientists, engineers, logisticians, and technicians, to other administrative, technical, mechanical, and maintenance jobs. NSA Crane has been a proud part of Southern Indiana since 1941, just days prior of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The installation quickly became an important part of national defense during World War II and continues to be a major source of employment for the region.

Today, NSA Crane’s focus is to protect our men and women in uniform in the ever-changing combat environment of the 21st century. The installation is tasked with solving the world’s most complex technological problems including:

  • Demilitarizing outdated or unusable munitions
  • Developing complex night vision systems
  • Developing electronic and undersea warfare systems such as missile systems for submarines, explosive technologies including pyrotechnics and illumination flares, surveillance technologies, and cyber security
  • Developing electronic warfare technology for aviation and undersea assets, including radar and signal detection
  • Engineering small arms for the Marines and Special Ops
  • Loading, assembling, distributing, and storing ammunition

Please contact the NSA Crane Public Affairs Office at [email protected] or call 812-854-3524.