Alliance Hosts Final Session on Cost Saving Opportunities with NSA Crane

WESTGATE@CRANE Technology Park, (Odon) Indiana — The White River Military Coordination Alliance, in partnership with Naval Support Activity Crane, hosted its third and final educational session as part of a series designed to help community partners explore the use of Intergovernmental Support Agreement (IGSA) for cost savings opportunities.

The hybrid in-person and virtual session, led by Community Planning and Liaison Officer for NSA Crane Mark Dobbs and Navy Region MidAtlantic’s Strategy Engagement Team, focused on connecting communities with NSA Crane for specific bulk buying opportunities. These bulk material purchasing agreements can involve supplies such as rock salt, asphalt and gravel. By entering into an IGSA, both communities and the Navy benefit from cost savings, an improvement in quality of life and an established partnership that allows for future initiatives and opportunities.

“Bulk purchasing agreements through IGSAs are efficient, cost-effective opportunities for both local communities and the Navy,” said Dobbs. “We would encourage communities and municipalities neighboring the installation, including state and regional agencies, to learn more about opportunities for Public-Public Public-Private (P4) partnerships.”

There was also a state and regional strategy engagement session held the following day with a variety of stakeholders discussing the future of IGSAs and how these partners could help foster relationships between southern Indiana communities and NSA Crane. In the months ahead, NSA Crane will continue discussions and collaboration with local, regional and state partners on individual IGSA requirement concepts identified during the education and community forum series. 

IGSA collaborative partnership agreements help military bases and surrounding communities reduce costs by working together to procure service materials and mutual aid. Military bases, such as NSA Crane,  are like small cities, providing a variety of services that are very similar to what surrounding counties, cities and towns provide. By utilizing IGSAs as a tool, the military can partner with outside agencies to take advantage of higher quality services and cost savings by leveraging each other’s strengths and continuing to build strong community relationships.

In addition to bulk purchasing, IGSAs can also involve the following:

  • Service contracts and support service agreements for maintenance such as swimming pool maintenance, pest control services, and infrastructure repairs
  • Mutual aid and training partnerships such as the recently-completed 911 Memorandum of Agreement between NSA Crane and area counties, prescribed/controlled burning services and training, and workforce development programs

Learn more about IGSA opportunities, visit or email [email protected].


About the White River Military Coordination Alliance

The Alliance is a community organization that was formed in 2018 to promote positive development and growth in the communities that surround Naval Support Activity Crane and Lake Glendora Test Facility (Daviess, Greene, Lawrence, Martin and Sullivan counties) by facilitating two-way communication between the communities, counties, state agencies, and NSA Crane. The focus of our 24-member alliance is to create opportunities for economic prosperity and land conservation in the region, safeguard Crane’s military mission, and protect community health and safety. We would encourage the community to take our survey about Crane at Follow the Alliance on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.